Rehabilitation at Home

We Offer Physio Rehab And Other Services In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Health issues that keep you housebound can be very frustrating. And despite the offers, we are frequently reluctant to ask our loved ones for help. Habit Health offers a range of services that will provide for your ongoing care in your own home to facilitate your speedy recovery and return to total health. 

Even the most basic tasks can be daunting when you are not in good health. Habit health can assist by connecting you to a full range of services, including physio rehab, to help you recover from an illness or injury. A physiotherapist will be assigned to your case and will assess your needs to rebuild your strength by setting you up with the required equipment and an exercise programme designed specifically for you.

This type of assistance is also on offer to provide care for you as you age and can no longer cope with all the duties of running your household safely. 

Habit Health can arrange for visits from a registered nurse to assist with issues such as wound care, changing dressings, and setting up a schedule for remembering when to take medication. They may also monitor your condition by checking for such things as muscle weakness, bedsores and signs of infection. 

In addition, nursing services can also assist with personal grooming and organising the preparation and delivery of meals if you are unable to cook.  And add to that a dose of empathy and good listening skills.

For your safety, our friendly Occupational Therapists are trained to assess your home to ensure that it is a safe environment for you, especially if you have limited mobility. 

Habit Health knows that when we are under the weather, we just want to be in our own bed. We can offer all the help you need to rehabilitate or cope at home by connecting you with the services you need to stay at home safely. 

Services List

  • Initial assessment to evaluate the feasibility of Rehabilitation at Home.
  • Visits from a physiotherapist to develop an exercise programme for physio rehab.
  • Registered nurse visitations.
  • Help from an Occupational Therapist to make sure your home is safe.
  • Help with showering and personal grooming.
  • Meals prepared or delivered to your home. 

Contact Habit Health today for more information on how we can assist you with physio rehab, nurse visits, occupational therapist assessments for safety in the home, personal assistance, meal planning and more.