Gain Independence

Gain independence

Just because you have been dealing with a health issue or disability, doesn’t mean you need to give up completely on your independence. At Habit Health it is our goal to get you back on track, with the assistance of some clever tips and tricks that our qualified and experienced Occupational Health staff can assist you with. These may include decluttering an area to assist those in a wheelchair or purchasing accessories to assist with small tasks around the home or office. 

Remaining independent

Our occupational therapists and registered nurses continue to work with you throughout your rehabilitation stage, to ensure that you have all the support you need in order to remain independent. We can often work alongside our clients from home, if they are not able to travel to us. 

Support services

We have a wide range of support services including hydrotherapy and therapeutic massage for those needing assistance with recovering from an operation or disability. We can also assist you in finding the right wheelchair or accessories to assist with in-house rehabilitation. We can also assist carers in upskilling when dealing with disabilities they are not experienced with working alongside. 

Paediatric care

Whether your child is struggling to focus at school or is recovering from an illness or injury, we can support your family in assisting with rehabilitation and support. 

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