Carer Training

Working with those who need specialised care takes specialised training. At Habit Health we offer training for carers that keeps standards high and offers carers ways to manage the stress of this important work.

Our carer training upskills your staff on the management of traumatic brain injuries. Patients may present with a variety of needs which require delicate handling. Our service equips your employees to meet the specific challenges of this work with confidence and precision.

We understand that a large part of carer work is physical work. We train your staff to correctly approach moving a patient in a way that provides comfort for the patient and ensures workplace injuries are avoided. This training extends to provide comfort and care for those residents who are immobile, teaching pressure relief techniques to ensure circulatory systems are supported and pressure sores are avoided and minimised.

An informed and supported residential carer will bring a calm and focused approach that ensures quality of care is maintained for your residents, and safety comes first for your carers.

What you will learn:

  • Focused behaviour management techniques.
  • Training for correct shifting of patients.
  • Management of seated residents to ensure pressure relief.
  • Specific approaches to traumatic brain injury challenges.
  • Stress management and wellness programmes.
  • Workplace support for certifications.

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