Occupational Therapy

Social rehabilitation occupational therapists work with clients to maximise their safety and independence within the home and community. Treatments may include identifying goals such as completing activities for daily living, leisure and community activities. Occupational therapists also provide education and strategies to facilitate achievement of these goals. Equipment and housing modifications may also be provided to promote clients’ ability to safely and independently access their home and complete personal care and household tasks independently. 


Occupational therapists are a key member of the team within the Concussion Service. We work with our clients to provide education and strategies to manage their concussion. These strategies assist with facilitating the client to return to independence and normal everyday activities such as work and sport.

Stay at Work Programme (SAW)

Occupational Therapists contributing to the Stay at Work Program to help facilitate a safe and sustainable return to work for our clients. Working collaboratively with the client and their employer, we complete task analysis at the workplace and functional assessments as well as putting together return to work plans. Occupational Therapists complete workstation assessments and provide equipment to ensure positive return to work outcomes for clients. 

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