Best Wheelchair For You

Discovering you need to use a wheelchair, whether it be temporary or permanent may be an unsettling experience. Habit Health is here to remove some of the stress for you by helping you to source the right chair for your specific needs. 

Our Occupational Therapists will evaluate your needs and assess which type of wheelchair is going to best suit your lifestyle and physical capabilities. A Habit Health Physiotherapist can also provide invaluable help, pinpointing where movement is going to be necessary or where it will be damaging or unhelpful.

Wheelchairs range from very basic to highly complex. Habit Health is able to bring their professional team to your case, helping to wade through the information around seat depth and width, what weight of chair is best, whether an active chair is going to meet your needs or if some level of automation will be required.

If you need a wheelchair let us help you discover the chair that is going to keep you connected to the things that make your life great.

Services we provide:

  • A Physiotherapist assessment to determine your movement capabilities.
  • Information about the different styles of wheelchairs.
  • Measurement for your chair.
  • Help from an Occupational Therapist to make sure your chair fits your living situation.
  • Assessment to check whether your home is equipped to move in and out of your chair.
  • Tips for taking care of your body when you use a chair.