Physiotherapy and Hand Therapy


Physiotherapy gets you back to the things you love following an injury or illness.

Our team of highly trained Physiotherapists are here to get you back up and running when pain and discomfort tries to slow you down.

Using leading-edge, evidence-based assessments and high-quality follow-up care physiotherapy can help with:

  • injury prevention,
  • rehabilitation
  • ongoing support for optimal mobility and function.

No two rehabilitation cases are alike, which is why our team works together to plan a schedule that suits your unique needs.

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Our services include:

Headache clinic - Our physiotherapists are trained in the Watson treatment method, which includes manual and natural therapies which identify and manage neck disorders that may contribute to headaches. 

Dry needling - A treatment technique whereby an acupuncture needle is inserted into a muscle to treat myofascial trigger points. Dry needling aims to decrease tightness, improve flexibility and reduced discomfort.

Biomechanical analysis - Gaitscan ™ - This tool works well in diagnosing how clients walk and whether it contributes to the pain they are suffering from. 

Orthotics - When you’re struggling with pain, your feet can be the key to realigning or stabilising your body. Orthotics can assist with restoring a more comfortable walking pattern. 

Pelvic floor health - Our physiotherapists can assist you in recovering from pelvic pain, incontinence and instability issues that can range from pregnancy or disability.