Spinal Cord Injury Rehab

Injuring your Spinal Cord can mean dramatic shifts in your capabilities, a traumatic injury may require many alterations in the way you approach day to day living, at Habit Health we have your back.

After the intensive care you receive in hospital it may feel daunting to take charge of your rehabilitation or recovery at home, our goal is to provide you with the treatment programme that is best for you. Although a Spinal Cord Injury may be life altering our Physiotherapists are trained to help you move towards independent living at a pace that is specific to your injury.

In addition to movement training Habit Health has a team of Occupational Therapists that can assess your environment and help you make a plan to reconnect with the activities you love. You may need specialised equipment, or adjustments to your living space to allow you to move forward with confidence. 

Habit Health can figure out where you are best helped and then make it easy for you access the services you need. If  your Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation requires permanent adjustments to your lifestyle or extra help in the short or medium term we are here to ease the transition from hospital to home.

What We Offer

  • Psychological assessment and treatment
  • Rehabilitation at home
  • Needs based environmental adjustments
  • Customized wellness and movement programme

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