Treating Injuries

Habit Health get in between you and your injuries. With a team of highly trained Physiotherapists on board our goal is to get you back up and running when pain tries to slow you down.

Getting physical is an important part of overall wellness and research clearly points to movement as a great way to stay positive and  to stop heart disease in its tracks. Exercise is also the first step in dealing with obesity and a host of other life limiting ailments.

Our job is to look at the whole picture, when you come to us with an injury we look at the symptoms but we also work on diagnosing underlying causes. Our Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose musculoskeletal injuries utilising state of the art technology and specialist knowledge. You can access Habit Health services across the country and we even provide an online service.

Habit Health are part of your wellness team, early diagnosis can prevent aggravating small problems and stop a pain in the neck escalating into something that keeps you off the trail or the slopes long term. It’s not necessary to wait for a referral from your doctor, you can take charge of your injuries and pain management today.

What We Offer: 

  • Pain management support
  • Specialist referrals
  • Assessment by a Physiotherapist
  • Instant booking available

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