Physiotherapy Fees

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ACC Surcharges (per session)

Staff Physiotherapist

Initial and Follow-up $25-$50

Senior Physiotherapist

Initial and Follow-up $35-$55

Lead Physiotherapist

Initial and Follow-up $35-$60


Initial and Follow-up $40-$65

Private Surcharges (per session)

Staff Physiotherapist

Initial $70-$85

Senior Physiotherapist

Initial $75-$90

Lead Physiotherapist

Initial $80-$95

Masters/Advanced Physiotherapist

Initial $85-$100

Headache Clinic

ACC initial

Initial (60 mins) $140

Private initial

Initial (60 mins) $280

ACC follow up

Follow-up (30 mins) $70

Private follow up

Follow-up (30 mins) $105

Follow-up (60 mins) $200

Our cancellations and ‘no-shows' policy

Please let us know as soon as possible if you can’t attend your appointment. If you cancel within 24 hours of an appointment or do not show up, a fee equivalent to the standard ACC co-payment or the full private fee will be charged. This will need to be paid in full before further appointments can be booked.