Orthotics may be prescribed for a number of different reasons and research tells us that around 70% of the population deal with abnormal foot function. Orthotics are a custom insole which fit comfortably into your regular shoes.

Habit Health has the most up to date technology to help you rebalance your movements, ease discomfort, and prevent aggravating long term pain. Our Orthotics team utilises Gaitscan Diagnostic technology, a trained Physiotherapist analyses the data recorded and sends the concluding evidence to The Orthotic Group in Canada. With this data they build your bespoke Orthotic inserts and send them back to you within two weeks of your appointment.

Whether you are struggling with joint discomfort, Metatarsalgia, SI Joint pain or a number of other painful and life limiting conditions, Orthotics may be the answer. Habit Health offers custom Orthotics fittings across the country and you may find that restabilising the way you walk has many flow on benefits.

Our team are able to help you by assessing where the way you walk may be throwing off the balance in your spine, where your hips and knees are taking on unnecessary strain, and what treatment options may work in conjunction with your new tailor made Orthotics.

Services List

  • Gaitscan assessment
  • Analysis of referred pain
  • Disruption of the ‘pain chain’
  • Pronation diagnostics and treatment

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