Headache Clinic

Headaches and migraines can derail your work schedule and your family time. At Habit Health we use trained Physiotherapists to diagnose and treat your headaches.

Headaches may occur frequently in the same spot, they may occur globally or you may need treatment for the debilitating effects of a migraine. At Habit Health we utilise the Watson Headache Diagnosis method, our Physiotherapists are largely trained in this system which is a non-manipulative approach.

The Watson approach recognises that most headaches occur as a result of dysfunction in the upper three joints of the spine and it is particularly effective in the treatment of migraines and their attending symptoms. Tried and trusted the Watson Headache Diagnosis method is now taught and used across 25 countries.

Over 50% of men and women deal with the pain and discomfort of headaches on a regular basis but help is available, headaches need not be a part of your everyday life. At Habit Health our practitioners are trained to alleviate your symptoms with this powerful drug free technique.

What our Headache Clinic offers:

  • Diagnostic testing to determine the cause of your headaches
  • Non-invasive and gentle treatment using the Watson Headache Diagnosis method
  • Trained Physiotherapists
  • Proven relief from a range of headache symptoms

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