Massage Therapy

To book an appointment at one of our Wellington sites, please click on one of the available Massage Therapists: 

Manson Williamson | Senior Massage Therapist

Santiago Sallago | Massage Therapist

Need to be at your peak? Preparing for a big event? Needing something to complement your recovery or condition management? Our qualified Massage therapists might have something to help you.

Massage therapy is one of the most effective and widely used alternative therapies, It's one of the earliest therapies interventions used to try and relieve pain. The benefits of a massage, delivered by an experienced and qualified therapeutic massage therapist are varied, these include: 

  • Massage can help improve an athlete's form.
  • Increase range of movement/ flexibility. 
  • Assist with an athlete's recovery from muscular effort: pre, inter, or post-event.   
  • Massage can also reduce ‘DOMS’ delayed onset muscle soreness: muscular discomfort experienced following exercise and experienced by athletes of all levels. 

Massage is synonymous with elite sport, but research has shown therapeutic or deep tissue massage can be beneficial to a range of clients including, those suffering from: 

  • Chronic lower back pain  
  • Migraine and tension type headaches  
  • Chronic pain conditions such as arthritis or even carpal tunnel 
  • Anxiety, stress and depression 
  • Soft tissue injuries 
  • A range of mobility issues 

Research has shown that Massage Therapy can be a safe intervention in the hands of trained professionals for clients or patients within a wide age range and fitness level. Our qualified therapists can work in collaboration with your primary care provider or physiotherapist to assist with rehabilitation, biomechanics dysfunction and injury. Talk to your current care provider about whether Massage Therapy could be a significant tool for you.