Mobility is a key factor in your overall wellness, to keep moving in the smartest way possible means that you are taking care of your heart, your joints and your mental health. Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

Habit Health are offering a biomechanical Gaitscan which offers up around a million data points to allow an incredibly accurate picture of the way you are moving. This analysis lets our Physiotherapists see where your gait may be affecting your body in adverse ways.

The TOG Gaitscan machine is a pressure plate that you walk across that captures the way your foot lands with thousands of sensor points. The Gaitscan diagnosis will pinpoint where your movements are going to benefit from orthotic therapy and our Physiotherapists can devise corrective drills that will alleviate pain for any current conditions arising from the way you are walking now.

Habit Health wants you to walk in to the future with confidence. By treating the underlying causes of discomfort and injury we can help you manage pain in healthier ways - while disrupting the cycles that may cause issues up ahead.

Services List

●      Orthotic treatment assessment
●      Access to the state of the art TOG Gaitscan diagnostic tool
●      Biomechanical adjustment therapy
●      Future injury avoidance

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