Athletes' Injury Recovery

Biomechanical information gives you the edge when injury takes you off the trail or the track - getting you back to your happy place faster is where Habit Health shines.

We believe that information is power and our Siliconcoach and Kinesiocapture software provides you with the edge you need to get back up and running. Our technology is also designed to reveal where your movements can be altered in subtle ways to prevent future injuries, saving you time and money down the track.

This system is a video analysis of your movements, we take the footage and slow it down until our trained Physiotherapists can pinpoint the most subtle deviations in form. Our team are then able to draw up the best plan to prevent aggravation of  injuries and provide you with the right drills to help you heal right. Every athlete is different, so when you injure yourself testing the limits of endurance you need targeted care that works specifically for your body and your fitness goals. Habit Health offers you the most up to date options for diagnosis and treatment with or without a referral.

Services List

  • Access to biomechanical optimisation for your bike setup
  • Personalised corrective drills
  • Injury prevention planning
  • Sports specific treatment

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