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Habit Health Physiotherapists work in musculoskeletal therapy clinics and provide community-based rehabilitation. They provide quality care using various methods to treat and rehabilitate patients affected by injury, disability or a health condition.

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Clinical Lead (started as a Physiotherapist)


3 Years

What has your journey working at Habit been like so far?

I started as a Physiotherapist predominantly in the Pain Management area and Musculoskeletal space, and am now Clinical Lead for the Pain Management Programme in Otago area. The Pain Management Programme is an area I am very excited and passionate about. We work closely as a tight-knit multidisciplinary team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, a Psychologist, Dietician and Medical Specialist.

What do you enjoy most working for Habit Health?

I really enjoy working with this team of positive and passionate people. They are empowering and I feel I am constantly learning and growing. As a team, I see we are often making a real difference in our patient’s lives. I also really value the opportunities I have had to grow within the business, furthering my knowledge in the pain area, as well as developing my leadership skills. Being here is a wonderful opportunity for constant growth.

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