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We have three gyms located in Wellington, each benefitting from superb teams of group fitness instructors, personal trainers, dieticians, massage therapists and customer-driven administrators.

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Massage Therapist specialising in Chinese Acupuncture


3 years

What has your journey working at Habit been like so far?

I started with Habit Health in 2018 when I started studying Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. For the first couple of years, I only worked part-time, mainly in the late afternoons and weekends. Despite my hours and limited interaction with the team, I noticed a real sense of community within the organisation from both my team and my new client base.

What do you enjoy most working for Habit Health?

A key driver for me as a Clinician is seeing positive and tangible change in my clients. Working collaboratively with other allied healthcare providers here enables me to create complimentary care plans tailored towards the results we want to see, utilising the tools I am disciplined in. What’s unique to Habit Health is its collaborative vision, a culture I am thrilled to be a part of. I also enjoy my work with our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, teaming up with colleagues who have objectives similar to my own. If you’re a clinician looking for a fun, enthusiastic team while making a difference do yourself a favour and start your career here.

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