Why your business should offer free flu vaccinations

5 Mar 2024

Productivity and wellbeing are like two peas in a pod. And thankfully, most organisations place a hefty priority on the health and happiness of their staff. Free fruit in the staff kitchen or yoga at lunch time might be your practices. But you can also keep your staff well from flu infection by providing a vaccination programme.

Here are five reasons why your organisation should invest in a vaccination programme for its staff.

1. Safeguarding the physical health of your workforce is reason enough, right?
But also think about the effects a nurtured culture of wellbeing will have on your business. A workplace buzzing with energy, where staff feel safe, respected, and looked after is a simple joy. Healthy employees who feel good about coming to work are happier and more engaged in their responsibilities. 

2. Lessening the impact of disruption
We’ve all experienced a chaotic winter with what feels like a continuous stream of bugs flowing through the office. Unfortunately, there’s not much to be done to prevent the common cold, aside from mandating your staff to stay home if they are unwell. But we can lessen the effects of nasty flu strains that make their way around your teams, disrupting everyone. A flu vaccination programme that is free and easily accessible to your staff at the office or even at their worksite can minimise the impact of viral illnesses. 

3. Show your staff that their health and wellbeing really matters
Offering a flu vaccination programme sends a really clear message that your organisation cares about its staff, and demonstrates a commitment to their wellbeing. Investing in your staff this way helps them to feel supported and valued.

4. Impress your clients and partners
An organisation that demonstrably values its staff, is organised with programmes that support health and wellness initatives, and has a happy and loyal workforce will have raving fans. Your staff are already happy to do their best work for you, and your clients will be wowed at your dedication to keep your service humming with minimal disruption. Go you!

5. Staff churn? What’s that? 
We’ve covered how when you show your people you really rate them they return the love with wonderful productivity, but also, they stay in your business for longer. You get to keep your amazing staff with all their knowledge, and your People & Culture team can spend their time recruiting for growth, not replacements.

As you can see, having a flu vaccination programme in your business isn't just about avoiding worst-case scenarios. It's about creating a wonderful workplace environment, where staff know they are nurtured and cared for and return any investment ten-fold by their efforts.