Recover from injury faster with ACC’s new ICP programme

4 Mar 2024

Injuries can have a severe impact on our quality of life - especially if exercising at the gym is part of our daily routine. We can go from enjoying an active lifestyle to navigating a sedentary one in a flash, and sometimes, it can take months or even years to feel better again.

As lucky as we are to have access to world-class care, the timing and complexity of the system can be hard to traverse, especially when the injury is causing a lot of pain!

But help is on the way to ensure you can return to full health quicker.

After a 4-year pilot trial, ACC is launching a new programme on March 4th to speed up recovery times that Habit Health will be part of.

The new programme is designed to help those with complex shoulder, back, and knee injuries that require specialist care by assisting them through the health system, seamlessly connecting appointments and treatments resulting in a faster recovery.

In the trial people with significant shoulder, back, and knee injuries recovered over three times quicker. The streamlined and speedier patient care journey improved both the physical health and patient satisfaction of those suffering injury as they experienced faster and more hands-on care and support in a system that can often be overwhelming and unsupportive.

This new Integrated Care Pathway (ICP) will be accessible to anyone who meets ACC’s injury selection criteria and is a game-changer for injury rehabilitation.

You will be connected with a health navigator whose job is to coordinate and connect you to all the support you need to recover, triaged to assess what care you need, and receive a recovery plan outlining the steps to your recovery.

The navigator takes all the work and stress out of recovery by making sure you get the help you need. The Physiotherapy team and Specialist will work together to guide you each step of the way and you will receive rehabilitation sessions (as many as you need to achieve an outcome) free of charge.  

You’ll also benefit from new state-of-the-art testing tools to give you accurate updates on how your recovery is tracking, ensuring you reach your best to minimise the risk of re-injury.   

We’re taking the hassle out of recovery so you can focus on what’s most important - getting back to doing the things you love.

Book a time to see one of our physiotherapists for an initial consultation to see if you qualify for ICP