Prepare your workplace for the flu season

27 Feb 2024

Flu jabs are now available and due to the significant impact influenza might have on our population this year, we wanted to send a timely reminder to get vaccinated.

This year, the best way to protect your biggest asset – your people – is to get ready early for the flu season by arranging your flu vaccination for your workplace. And that time is now, even though winter might seem far away. 

Why is now the time to arrange flu vaccinations for my workplace?

The beginning of the year is a great time to look and plan ahead. There's no doubt that keeping your workers safe and healthy is part of your plan - after all, a workplace is nothing without its people. As with each year, the rollout will be from April this year, and we’re here to tailor a flu vaccine service to suit your workplace’s needs. 

How does getting my workplace vaccinated with Habit Health work?

Our registered nurses can come into your workplace over a number of days to give on-site vaccinations, or we can provide vouchers to those who aren’t on-site, can’t make the set days, or live in a remote area. The vouchers can be used at one of our Habit Health sites or a local pharmacy. 

We also give the option of recording bookings manually, or you can use our online booking system. Whatever works best for your people. 

We’ve worked with a huge range of industries, whether your people work in a retail store, on a construction site, in a factory or in an inner city office - we can help to ensure that these vaccinations have little to no impact on staff productivity. 

Want to know more?

Now is the time to get thinking so that your organisation can carry on with little to no flu-related impacts over the winter months. Get in touch at, and we can get the ball rolling.