Improve your sleep and beat fatigue with our new wellness coaching sessions!

31 Jan 2024

Getting good sleep is paramount for the good of our health, and one out of three in Aotearoa are not getting enough sleep, are you one of them?

We know that sleep is important, and we have all experienced the odd night of disrupted sleep, so we know how the effects of that feel the next day.  Our bodies are built to cope with short-term disruptions, but when sleep disturbance turns into a longer-term issue, our bodies and our minds feel the strain.

Ignoring the warning signs from a consistent lack of, or disrupted sleep, has some real and long-term consequences. Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular and respiratory issues, digestive problems, and cognitive impairment.

“Essentially, quality sleep is not a luxury,” says Habit Health registered nurse Lucinda Harding.

“Chronic health conditions and sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea can impact sleep and energy levels. And we know sleep problems and fatigue can be closely tied to issues like depression and anxiety. Coping with fatigue can often be linked to stress and pressure, whether it's related to work responsibilities or personal challenges.”

“Add in lifestyle factors such as difficulties within relationships or family dynamics, conflict at work, poor work-life balance, busy family life, over-committing to tasks and responsibilities, indulging in stimulants, or watching blue screens through scrolling on your phone late at night can all cause stress and sleep disturbances which greatly affect our health”

But now you can say goodnight to a consistently crummy night’s sleep with Habit Health. Our sleep and fatigue wellness health coaching sessions are available individually or as a package of three. Everyone’s sleep patterns are different and so each session is tailored to meet your needs.

Together we’ll get to the crux of what’s keeping you up at night, so you can finally sleep a little easier.

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