Integrated Care Pathway – Musculoskeletal (ICP-MSK)

About ICP
The Integrated Care Pathway is ACC’s innovative way of managing people with injuries that require coordinated rehabilitation services. Habit Health provides the platform for the care team (physios, specialists, return-to-work therapists and health navigators) to see patients under this contract and coordinate all the moving parts. 

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The inclusion criteria for ICP is different from ECP and is outlined below.

Following our team receiving a referral we will contact the patient and book them in for an initial triage.

  1. Initial Triage Assessment: comprehensive MSK Triage Assessment undertaken by a Senior Physiotherapist and Specialist.
  2. Recovery Plan: the rehabilitation then team develops the recovery plan
  3. Health Navigation: we provide a dedicated Health Navigator to coordinate with services and providers. 
  4. Recovery and Testing: we support the collection of the PREMS, PROMS and other rehabilitation outcomes. 


  • Fully funded rehabilitation 
  • Timely access to specialists and diagnostics 
  • Cultural support from our dedicated in-house team (Ngā Kaihapai)
  • Patient-centred goal setting 
  • Access to a wide range of co-ordinated services 


  • Check here against the basic eligibility criteria and accepted diagnosis list
  • Established or ‘Highly Suspicious’ and include the diagnosis in the referral e.g. “Suspected ACL rupture”.
  • Add “ICP Referral” to the referral letter title and/or subject line
  • Include ACC45 number (or Claim number starting at 100)
  • Attach relevant lodgement notes, radiology reports or other supporting information
  • Send via your usual referral mechanism

EDI: habithut (preference) or EMAIL REFERAL AT:


ICP is available across all of Aotearoa. We work with over 600 physiotherapists and 200 specialists to improve access for the patients. We work with a large number of non-Habit Health clinics to provide care as close to the client's home or workplace.

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