Metrics that matter, and how to set up great habits to feel awesome!

27 May 2024

It’s no secret here at Habit Health that we’re quite fond of healthy habits, especially ones that help us to feel great! Some of those habits can be tailored towards getting stronger, or fitter. Perhaps eating better, sleeping better, or upping a commitment to exercise. Whatever you wish to improve, we have some ideas on how you can start as you mean to go on and live your very best life.

Where to start?
Success with healthy habits starts with smaller goals that add up over time. But how do we know if we’re on the right track? Finding our own starting point can help, and having a set of metrics that matter for achieving our personal goals. Your starting point could be as a complete beginner, or as a seasoned fitness enthusiast or something in between. And our members often have wildly different goals, but the approach remains the same - knowing where you are starting from, and what you’d like to happen, and then working at it in small steps.

It’s all in the knowing
When it comes to healthy habits and the quest to feel awesome knowing your current status is the easiest place to start from.

From an exercise perspective, you could work with one of our personal trainers to assess your fitness and ability. Or use our brand new Evolt 360 body scanner that tests over 40 metrics in a minute. 

Think about your next big goal. What would you like to happen, or be able to do, three or six months, or even a year from now? What steps do you need to take from your starting point to eventually celebrate the win?

Get real and take your time
Just about every fitness and nutrition expert will say that the most important things to nail are eating a nutritionally dense diet, getting regular exercise, having healthy amounts of hydration and sleep, and managing your stress levels and mental health. Easy right? We know it can be overwhelming, which is why, if you are starting from scratch, or returning to exercise after a break, starting small, and getting audacious later is the best way to achieve your goals..

Try changing up one thing in your routine every couple of weeks. You might want to start with a focus on hydration first. Set timers to remind you to drink more throughout the day, or perhaps it’s simply making time to get to the gym more often. Make your goals realistic, and do them at a point in the day when you actually have the time.

Focus on what’s important
Prioritising what’s important to you will be an easier adjustment, too! Someone else’s non-negotiable practice might not be something you are interested in. Or maybe only part of it is relevant to you.

Your diet might be mostly excellent but a few extra leafy greens or extra lean protein could make all the difference. Running long distances could be simple and fun for you, but lifting heavier weights could be your thing to focus on. Very few people are absolutely nailing everything across the healthy habits spectrum. Plus, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Keeping up with what others are doing isn’t the vibe here at all.

Celebrate your wins no matter how small they may be
Did you achieve your hydration goal this week? Wonderful! Tell someone about that. Did you lift a bit heavier, or run a bit faster or further? Awesome! Find a way to celebrate the small wins as well as the big wins.

The ultimate goal is to feel good. Use our tools, trainers, and programmes. Track your progress and keep score of how you feel. It will be a great motivation to keep going and keep consistent with your new healthy habits.


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