When fitness fuels change: Supporting Africa’s communities with strength and wellness

3 Apr 2024

Meet Paris Christie - our newest personal trainer who is embracing the wild side of life!

Paris joins us with ten years of fitness experience and also offers a unique background steeped in compassion and dedication for endangered animals and the people who protect them. 

After earning a zoology degree, Paris headed to Africa initially to help build fences and lend a hand to anti-poaching activists in Kenya. Several stints in Africa later and putting the zoology degree to use working at Wellington Zoo, an off-the-cuff chat with a trainer at his local gym inspired Paris to turn his love of fitness into a career. 

But it was a lack of gym space and equipment in remote Africa that led Paris to think about how he could improve strength and wellness within the communities he was working in. A short time later, Paris had set up a gym space and was happily instructing his anti-poaching teams on how to look after themselves, improve their fitness, and get stronger.

Being part of the Habit Health personal training team is thrilling for Paris. Making a profound difference in helping endangered animals, and now people, Paris works with all walks of life with a special focus on strength and conditioning.

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