Don’t sit on the bench – prepare yourself for winter sports

3 Apr 2023

Now that summer has officially come to an end, you might be starting to think about the upcoming winter sports season. Whether you’re a netball, football, rugby or hockey fan, it’s a good time to start getting the body ready to take on a sport load.

We’ve got some great tips for you that’ll help if you’re already a seasoned professional, trying a new winter sport for the first time or getting back in the game after some time off. 

Pre-season training is really important no matter which of these categories you fit into because it helps prepare us physically and mentally for the upcoming season.

Here are our four top tips to help keep those sport season injuries on the bench so you don’t have to be.

Make gradual increases in the intensity of your workouts 
It’s important to always start with lower-intensity activities when you begin your pre-season training and gradually increase intensity over time. We recommend starting with jogging, progressing to sport-specific activities, and building up your intensity as you go.

Always make time for a warm-up
Making the time to fit in a proper warm-up is a truly essential part of your training. It helps prepare the body for physical activity. We’d suggest including dynamic stretching and cardio exercises in your warm-up routine. If you need some advice for your warmup, just ask one of the Habit Health team around the gym.

R&R - rest and recovery time
It can be easy to just want to go-go-go, but do make sure you allow the body to rest and recover after intense training sessions. Remember, taking rest days is just as important as workout days, and most of your physical gains are achieved while you’re resting and sleeping, so make sure you’re aiming to get a good seven to eight hours of sleep at night.

What you eat during pre-season will help you get the most out of your training and is crucial for effective muscle recovery and growth. An 80/20 approach to a nutritionally dense diet will help give you the energy you need for a cracking season of your favourite sport. 

Book in with our physios or massage therapists

Even with the best intentions, the common injuries we do see over this period are sprains, strains, and tendonitis. If you do end up injured, you can come and see one of our Habit Health physios; there’s no need to see your GP, we can help you with your ACC claim.

Your physio will create an action plan for rehabilitation and recovery to help get you back safely on the field or court.

Try our new online booking portal to find the first available appointment, or choose the clinic nearest you.

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Our wonderful massage therapists also work across the Wellington fitness sites. They can help with a deep tissue massage if you feel tight or sore.

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