Meet Jeff, our latest physiotherapist!

9 Mar 2023

Read on to discover more about Jeff, his interests outside of work, and his experiences as a physiotherapist.
Jeff is our latest physiotherapist in New Plymouth. He qualified as a physiotherapist in 2013, and after doing his junior rotations in a hospital in east London, he got a role working in a neuro-specific rotation.  Since moving to New Zealand two and a half years ago, he has been doing a combination of musculoskeletal, neuro, and contract work in the clinic and the community, so his days are very varied, which he enjoys.

How and why did you get into physiotherapy as a career path? 
I came to physiotherapy a bit later in life. I wanted to do an active job that was helpful to people as well as interesting, and physio was the right fit for me. My dad had a spinal cord injury when he was young and has been a wheelchair user since I was born, giving me a different insight into his world and his challenges. He turned his experience into a way to help and connect with others and has always been a hugely positive force in my life.  So my path to physiotherapy wasn’t a straightforward or clear one, but looking back now, I think something was always pushing me in this direction, and I’m very grateful that I went this route. 

What do you love most about your job?
Working with people, clients and colleagues, learning, sharing, and every day is different.

Tell us more about the specific services you offer as a physio?
Neurological rehabilitation is my main background, but since moving to New Zealand, I’ve been working more in the musculoskeletal area, which I enjoy. I have been getting more into dry needling as well as vestibular assessment and treatment.

What are you most passionate about in physiotherapy?
Understanding our clients, where they are coming from, what they value, and how the services I offer can contribute in a positive way towards their goals. 

When do you think someone should see a physio about their injury? 
Yesterday 😊 (But as long as they feel they are ready).

Who are some industry leaders or experts you look towards for knowledge, inspiration and advice?
Lately, Brian Mulligan. I find he is a great combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, and kindness. I also think he’s hilarious.
Dr Andreo Spina. 

What do you do for hobbies outside of work? 
Anything to do with mountains and the ocean, guitar, reading, cooking, eating. 😊

What’s your favourite sport? 
Rock climbing, and although I don’t watch it much now, baseball.

Who is your real-life hero?  
My dad.