​What are the most common Shoulder Injures, and how does a physiotherapist manage them

3 Mar 2023

As one of the most mobile joints in your body, injuring your shoulder is common! From sleeping funny to a mountain bike incident or even playing sports, your shoulder is susceptible to a range of injuries. Here’s what some of those injuries are and how as physiotherapists, we can help fix them and get you back to doing what you love.
You’ve probably heard of a rotator cuff tear; however, other shoulder injuries include shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), bursitis, dislocated shoulder, and labral tear. These injuries can occur due to overuse/repetitive movements (lifting weights or throwing a ball), trauma from a fall or a sport-related collision, or degenerative changes such as osteoarthritis.  

When you come to see us for help with these injuries, our approach as physiotherapists typically involves a combination of the following techniques, including:

  1. Education: Physiotherapists provide education on proper body mechanics, injury prevention and management of symptoms.
  2. Manual therapy: Physiotherapists use various hands-on techniques such as massage, joint mobilisation, and soft tissue mobilisation to improve mobility, reduce pain and improve function.
  3. Stretching and strengthening exercises: Physiotherapists will supply you with a home exercise programme with specific exercises to improve the range of motion, flexibility, and shoulder strength.
  4. Pain management: Physiotherapists use modalities such as ice, heat, electrotherapy and manual therapy to manage pain and inflammation. They will also give you coping strategies to help you manage your pain.
  5. Posture correction: Physiotherapists may address any postural issues that may be contributing to the shoulder pain and provide advice on how to maintain ideal function.

Our specific treatment approach may vary depending on the severity, type, and underlying cause of the injury. And so, if you feel pain in your shoulder joint or you’ve had a fall or incident leaving you with pain, please book an appointment to see us first. As Physiotherapists are primary care providers in Aotearoa, New Zealand, we can be your first port of call for any injury you may sustain at work, home or play – you do not need to visit your GP first.  

Consulting with a physiotherapist for a proper diagnosis and individualised treatment plan will get you back to doing the things you love much sooner! Make an appointment today with our team. With over 100 locations, we have a clinic near you.