Outpatient Solutions

Rehabilitation for work

Habit Rehabilitation works with ACC and the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to assist job seekers in getting back into work. 

Career support

Our experienced team of careers advisors, training staff and physical therapists can assist clients with their unique journey towards gaining employment. 

We can assist with:

  • Training modules that will assist with reaching your career goals
  • Coordinating training modules such as computer and driver training, to add to your existing skill set
  • CV and cover letter writing as well as updating your LinkedIn profile, to help you find work
  • Vocational assessments and rehabilitation as well as career development, to ensure that you can continue to be employed in the future. 

Job placement

You may not be able to complete the work required in your previous career, which is why it is important to ascertain what skills you can complete and the roles that might be more suitable, now that you are in the recovery process of an illness or disability. 

If we find a role that suits your existing skill set, we can help you move straight into a job and assist you in continuing down that path in the future. 

Career transition

Habit Rehabilitation can assist in the transitioning process to a new role that is more suitable to your needs. Via group workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions, the team at Habit Rehabilitation can assist in moving redundant staff members to roles that suit each of their specific needs. 

For more information: Phone 0508 654 325 or email us.