Drug and Alcohol Testing

An Individual under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol may be considered a hazard in the context of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 therefore a policy of workplace drug and alcohol testing is a reasonable hazard management process for employers. The use of drugs and/or alcohol can lead to employee impairment – poor concentration, poor judgement, carelessness, aggressive/inappropriate behaviour are among the risks posed by drug and alcohol use in the workplace

Habit Health use registered nurses who are also qualified testers having completed unit standards 25458 and 25511 (NZQA). The standard that controls the procedures for specimen collection and the detection and quantity of drugs of abuse in urine is the AS/NZS 4308:2008.

Drug and alcohol testing can be for Pre-employment, Random, Random-Rehab, Reasonable Cause, Post Incident, Return to work clearance or site clearance. Habit Health can provide drug & alcohol testing either on-site or at one of our nationwide locations. A mouth swab or urine is used, and non-negative results are sent to a laboratory for confirmation.

We have established relationships with industry experts and can provide ongoing education and support over interpretation of results and current trends in the community.

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