Supporting You to Get Back to Work

Back to work programmes

Part of getting back into the workforce includes maintaining a level of physical fitness that will allow you to return to your original career, or upskilling so that you can change your direction.

Habit Rehabilitation employs a variety of vocational services including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, careers advisers, psychologists and vocational training providers.

Your lead care provider will coordinate the job finding process and will assist you in working out what path you need to take in order to meet your unique career objectives.

Beginning your career journey

You will initially speak with a vocational consultant to plan out what steps need to be taken in order to get you back into the workforce.

Once a plan has been made, you may decide that a combination of physiotherapy and gym-based programmes will assist you in preparation for the physical aspect of your new role. 

Other services include pre-employment training, which includes assistance with writing your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profiles as well as working alongside you to assist with job searches and interview skills. Our careers advisors may also liaise with potential employers, working alongside to identify suitable job roles.

Once you have secured employment, Habit Rehabilitation will continue to offer support for at least a year, ensuring that you have the skills and support in order to continue working in your chosen industry.

For more information, contact your ACC case manager or third-party insurance company.