Assessment for Work

If you are struggling to find work, due to a disability or injury, Habit Rehabilitation may refer you to an occupational therapist for an assessment. This assessment will take up over an hour and will assist you in your journey towards finding gainful employment.

The assessment will be completed by an qualified vocational assessor and includes a thorough review of your previous work experience and what you would like to achieve in the future.

The information received during the meeting will be collated and you will receive a detailed summary relating to your existing knowledge base, any skills that you might need to meet your goals and a plan for the future.

ACC assessment

In order to qualify to be part of this process, you need to apply with your ACC case manager. The initial assessment is a key step in the ACC pathway towards finding a new job. It includes:

  • Loss of Potential Earnings (LOPE) S105 Occupational Assessment:  which is part of a process that ACC utilises in order to consider whether you are eligible for extra compensation due to loss of earnings because of your disability.
  • Vocational Independence Occupational Assessment (VIOA): confirms whether you are ready to be rehabilitated for a new job and whether the work types you are looking for are still suitable (after an injury, you may not be able to complete physical tasks and may need to be in a less strenuous role).

To find out more, contact your ACC case manager.

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