Job Search Service

Are you looking for a job? Have you recently been made redundant? At Habit Rehabilitation, our team of vocational consultants and careers advisors can help you get back into the workforce.

We can help you find a job if you:

  • Have been made redundant due to COVID 19
  • Are unemployed and need help looking for a new job
  • Need a change in direction
  • Have just returned to the workforce after suffering from a disability
  • Have recently returned to New Zealand from overseas

Our careers team includes 25 vocational consultants who are employed in towns across New Zealand. Each of our career guidance consultants specialise in supporting job seekers and the majority of support staff are professional members of the Career Development Association of New Zealand.

Finding a job can be time consuming and without the right direction, it can be confusing.  We can assist you with:

  • Identifying the industry that you would like to pursue
  • Helping you find the right training programmes in order to upskill
  • Assisting with the job application process
  • Setting up informative Seek and LinkedIn profiles
  • Updating and targeting your resume and cover letter
  • Job interview training and motivational support

We offer a range of CV writing services including:

  • School leaver: $176
  • Graduate: $217
  • Technical: $260
  • Executive: $460

All fees include GST

For more information, phone 0508 654 325 or click here to contact us.