Individual Career Guidance and Career Transitions

Getting back into employment after an accident or health setback can be intimidating, but with the right advice and ongoing support, you will be back on track in no time.

Habit Health is here to assist you in reaching your goals and our experienced career-guidance coaches will work with you in order to develop a career pathway.

This will include a combination of job coaching, mentoring and career planning which will take place during regular one-on-one meetings with your coach.

We can also assist you with developing a tailor-made resume to fit your existing skill set, along with a cover letter which will hone in on the role you are looking for and enhance your existing skill set.

Along with assistance in finding the right training pathways for your chosen career path, we will also walk you through the job interview process, from practising interview questions through to how to present yourself for the role you are wanting to achieve.

Most importantly, we will motivate you to achieve the future you have always dreamed of. Let us assist you in getting over that first hurdle and beginning a bright new journey.

Services List

  • Job planning and upskilling
  • Assistance with writing resumes and cover letters
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • Motivation and support

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