Social Worker Assistance

At Habit Health we understand that when things get difficult you may need a bit of extra support to keep thriving.

Staying on track across the rough patches is easier when you have a team behind you, we get that keeping your family safe and healthy can sometimes take a village.

There may be moments when you feel overwhelmed by a legal situation, when finances feel out of control or the emotional load just gets too heavy to carry alone. Our job when life becomes more difficult is to connect you with the information, agencies and community-based services that are able to support you.

Habit Health walks alongside you. We recognise that everyone needs a hand from time to time, so we have done the ground work to help you access the services you need quickly - and with minimal fuss.

Services we provide

  • Family liaison services that account for your cultural needs.
  • Links to legal or financial assistance that offers practical solutions.
  • Connections to therapists that are qualified to help.
  • Guidance when more than one agency needs to step up.
  • Practical emotional support during trying times.
  • Targeted community based care so you can feel supported to move past difficult times more independently in the future.

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