Frequently Asked Questions

What has changed?

We’ve extended our opening hours for members so that they can now also access the gym during early morning and evening hours. This additional time is unstaffed, so members will need to scan in to unlock the door at the bottom of the stairs.

What does unstaffed mean?

Our reception team won’t be onsite during our unstaffed hours, however you will see our personal trainers, group fitness instructors and cleaning team about.

Can I still access early morning or late afternoon classes?

Yes. The timetable has not changed, but the door downstairs will be locked while the reception team is away. Your instructor will arrive on-time, so just scan in and head upstairs to join the class.

Are there changes to the class timetable?

No. There are no changes to the class timetable.

Will staff still be on-site during normal operating hours?

Yes. Staff will be on-site during normal operating hours, though these hours have changed. Members can still scan their key tag to unlock the doors during extended hours. You may also see staff occasionally during our extended hours.

Is it safe to work out in the gym outside of staffed hours?

It is safe to exercise in the gym during our extended, unstaffed hours, though we strongly encourage you to follow the guidelines we’ve set out above.

To summarise, ensure that you are fit to exercise on your own and that you are familiar with the equipment you are going to use and the exercise you plan on completing. Also, we highly encourage you to take our free safety induction to familiarise yourself with the gym’s emergency health points, first aid, AED and remote security team access. Only members and staff can access the club during extended hours. Members may not bring others with them during extended hours.

Why has Habit Health introduced extended hours?

We’ve only introduced extended hours at our Evans Bay Club. Many members who live near Evans Bay and Kilbirnie have now returned to working away from home; they tell us that they’re finding it challenging to find time to get to the gym.

I don’t have time to book a safety induction before Christmas, will I be able to get into the gym?

Yes. We will email you a guide on using the gym during unstaffed hours. 

Can Platinum and Majestic members access Evans Bay during the extended hours as well?

Yes*. Members at our other clubs just need to contact Habit Evans Bay to book an induction or to get a copy of our guide on using the gym during unstaffed hours. 

*Applies to any All Star, Platinum and Gold Memberships

How are Vaccine Passes being verified for members who enter the gym while it is unstaffed?

Extended hours are only available to current members with an active membership and membership requires a Vaccine Pass. In other words, only members with a Vaccine Pass will be able to access the club during our extended hours. Members are not allowed to bring anyone else with them during extended hours.