Pain Management

A huge part of rehabilitation is coping with the pain that injury and medical conditions can cause. Since 1 December 2016, ACC has funded a single pain management service for clients who are suffering from persistent pain (or may do in the future). Habit Health is easily accessible with teams in multiple locations around the country that can visit clients in their communities or homes. We also offer Telehealth which gives clients access to the care they require wherever they require it.

Our qualified health professionals are passionate about their field of work, and we also continue to upskill our team on pain management techniques and ideas from all over the world. 

Habit Health has a network of pain management providers in each region, all of whom are kept up to the same standard, to ensure that every client is given the same service of care. As well as being available to clients both in-home and at the local clinic, we also incorporate a telehealth solution where specialist consultants can deliver support to any clinic room across the country. 

Working alongside ACC, we can assist clients with care from a range of experts in pain management including:

and more. 

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