Lower Back, Knee, Ankle or Shoulder Physio Through ECP

If you have a lower back, knee, ankle or shoulder injury or pain, you might be eligible for our fully funded rehabilitation programme through the Escalated Care Pathway (ECP).

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) has partnered with selected health care providers, including Habit Health, to provide a simpler, smoother and faster journey to recovery through the ECP service.

Patients suffering from non-acute knee, shoulder, ankle and back injuries can apply to be part of this service that focuses on innovative new ways to integrate and customise treatment protocols and set them on a smooth path to recovery.

Habit Health can offer back, knee, ankle and shoulder physio and other services to patients enrolled in this service. The idea is that everyone will be working together to provide exemplary service at the right time.

Your health care practitioner will assist in the process of assessing your eligibility for the ECP programme. Factors taken into consideration include the severity of the injury, symptoms, duration of unresolved symptoms, risk factors, medications, social impacts and more.

At this stage, the Escalated Care Pathway is available only on the South Island, but we can still treat your injury if you're on the North Island. Habit Health has over locations across the country.  Click here to find your nearest one.

Check Your Eligibility for ECP

To see if you are eligible for fully funded treatment for non-acute knee, shoulder and lower back injuries, complete the short form below, and we’ll be in touch.

Escalated Care Pathway (ECP) was co-designed with the ACC to explore innovative treatment strategies aimed at improving the patients’ outcomes. This is achieved through close collaboration between the various service providers.

With over 100 locations, Habit Health is one of New Zealand’s largest integrated health, fitness and physiotherapy rehabilitation providers. We offer an extensive range of services, including back, knee and shoulder physio, nursing and work recovery, health and fitness and counseling services, all under one umbrella. Contact Habit Health today and let our team get you on the path to full recovery and life-long health.