Clinical and Health Psychology

Achieving and maintaining optimum health is an ongoing journey, when we suffer an injury or illness it can add another layer of stress - or make simple things feel unmanageable. At Habit Health we are here to help you stay on track when life gets tough.

A Clinical and Health Psychologist can meet with you for an assessment so you can begin to take control of things that may have become difficult. Our team are trained to deal with people who are living with health issues, they understand the challenges of trying to manage ill health on top of the usual everyday stresses, and they have a toolbox to help you get through.

We can help you with pain management strategies, to make smart choices around your treatment - and empower you to take charge of your wellness. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone outside your friends or family circle, when you need to set new priorities, or flex your goals fit to a changing situation.

Habit Health provides a confidential service and our Psychologists will work with your cultural values in mind, our goal is to build your strength up so when challenges crop up you can face them with confidence and increased resilience.

Services we provide:

  • Telepsychology appointments
  • Motivational techniques
  • Pain management strategies
  • Confidential counselling