Spotlight on Santi

1 Jul 2024

When you know, you know! We definitely know that a massage from our therapists, especially in the middle of Winter is the crème de la crème after a hard workout. Read on to find out about Santi - one of our newest massage therapists in Wellington.

Interested in sports, physical education, and health, Santi’s career originally kicked off with study in education, helping him to understand a lot about anatomy but also learning processes, teaching, and understanding people better. As a keen basketball player, his hand turned to a career in personal training, but after attending several professional development courses in massage therapy, a newfound passion was starting to build.

“I really love helping people and I found after my study that my peers and friends especially in my basketball team, were really interested in what I was learning, and my helping them spurred me on to take massage therapy seriously and earn a dedicated qualification” says Santi.

Three years later, Santi has joined Habit Health in Wellington. He acknowledges some of the barriers people hold for massage, and is quick to reassure. 

“Anyone can book a massage with me. Yes, I offer sports massage but also remedial and relaxation massage too. It doesn’t have to be an event to gear up and be brave for. We are here to create a self-care path so you can feel great. There is nothing better for me than have someone leave my care in a much better space than when they came in.”

“It won’t necessarily be painful, either. When people think sports massage, the idea of feeling pain can be offputting, but with great communication throughout the service, people who see me are in a safe pair of hands.”