Workplace Assessments for Recovery

Early intervention is key when it comes to recovering from an injury or disability, which is why Habit Health's team of psychologists, occupational therapists, careers advisors and physiotherapists are in such great demand.

Habit Health works as a lead supplier to ACC, a range of insurance companies and large businesses, in order to provide rehabilitation services to clients keen on getting back into work.

Workplace assessment

This comprehensive assessment outlines how well a client will assimilate into a new role. The report will include an assessment of the client’s emotional and physical ability to cope with the demands of the job, as well as explaining the skill set they already have and what they might need to sustain the role.

Back to work

Once the client has decided to get back into work, we will work alongside them to ensure that they have the right psychological, emotional and physical support to get started and stay focussed throughout the whole process.

We also work with MSD throughout part of the North Island, to provide job counselling, careers advice, pre-employment preparation and job placement.

Stay at work

Once the client has been successful in gaining employment, a comprehensive workplace assessment will take place, which includes an assessment on the client’s current ability to complete the work, as well as a return-to-work plan, which may range from physical rehabilitation to nutrition and fatigue-management education. 

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