Functional Capacity Evaluation

The feeling of getting back into work, after an illness or disability, can be liberating, however it is important to make sure that you have the ability to sustain the work required.

Habit Rehabilitation can work alongside the ACC and other insurance companies, to give case managers the information they need to ascertain whether a client will be able to perform tasks for long periods of time.

 A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) will include an extensive report on how a client has performed specified tasks and what they might need to continue to carry out these tasks in the future.  The report will also include any performance deficits, safety issues, strengths, weaknesses and skills that might need to be improved.

 With this information at hand, the client will be given training tools and, in some cases, physiotherapy or gym programmes, that will enhance their ability to perform tasks. 

The FCE is a great way for case managers and clients to work together with Habit Rehabilitation, in finding the perfect job fit for the client. With this information at hand, we can work together to ensure that clients can confidently walk into a new role and sustain that role throughout their career journey. 

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