Outplacement Solutions

Support your employees to launch into the job market following redundancy.

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Redundancy is never easy, but it can be turned into an opportunity.

For transitioning employees, outplacement provision can significantly influence future work outcomes, equip them for the current job market, and minimise stress and anxiety.

For remaining employees, showing you care by offering outplacement increases morale and performance that otherwise may significantly impact productivity.

From a business perspective, providing outplacement support is an opportunity to:

  • Protect your brand and show you care
  • Minimise legal risk due to employees feeling better supported
  • Increase perception of your organisation
  • Minimise the impact on business reputation

When it comes time to recruit again, you can rely on the continued attractiveness of your brand.


Best Practice

We equip your staff with direction and the tools for effective career transition following redundancy. Our expertise has been developed over many years working in the vocational rehabilitation area, helping people who are losing their jobs due to injury. This has allowed us a unique understanding of the many challenges of unexpected job loss. We focus on research and best practice to ensure your employees are current in the rapidly changing marketplace.


Our professional careers team specialises in working with people facing unexpected career transitions. Our experience shows the needs of each person differ depending on their situation. At Habit we understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we adopt a tailored approach to each of your employees. At our first meeting with each employee we conduct a needs analysis to tailor our service and ensure your employees’ most important career transition needs are met.


We understand that being made redundant can have far-reaching effects. That’s why we partner with your employees, using a holistic pastoral care approach. Redundancy elicits a range of emotions and responses, and unexpected consequences. We help your employees to acknowledge and make space for their emotions while remaining focused on proactive behaviour conducive to job search success. We also have access to a multi-disciplinary team to advise and refer for other supportive services.


Habit’s tailored outplacement packages provide individuals with the support to identify new job and career opportunities, the resources required to do this, and a plan on how this can be achieved.

We offer three tiers of support which are tailored to involve a combination of the following:

1-1 tailored coaching sessions:

  • Job loss and career transition
  • Career planning after redundancy
  • Identifying what you have to offer
  • CV review and recommendations
  • Effective job search strategies
  •  Job search support
  • Being found online
  • Cover letter writing
  • Interview preparation, coaching and support

Career assessments and feedback for development:

  • Job Interests
  • Transferable skills
  • Career Values
  • Full Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Additional services:

  • CV writing for participants without computers or computer skills   
  • LinkedIn profile audit and recommendation for optimisation
  • Follow up for employers and employees

All employees receive a career transition toolkit, action plan and completion report.