Resolve - Early Intervention Programme

The Resolve Early Intervention Programme provides proactive support for your team, helping them get on top of pain, discomfort or minor injuries quickly.

The programme enables your employees to access a physiotherapist quickly to treat musculoskeletal issues. Early intervention can improve your employee's health and wellbeing and help them to return to full fitness sooner.  It can also reduce workplace costs resulting from pain, discomfort or injury and related absenteeism.

A simple online Managers Booking Form will initiate the Resolve EI Programme for your employee. Our team will contact the employee or manager to arrange an appointment, and an initial assessment with a physio will be scheduled, all within 24 hours in most cases. We will keep you up-to-date along the way and provide a written report, so you have all the details you need to support your employee at work while they rehabilitate. In most cases 1-3 sessions of physio are all that is needed.

The Resolve – Early Intervention programme gives managers a single point of contact via a dedicated case manager. Our case manager will keep you updated and help to triage appropriately to prevent unnecessary treatment costs.  The case manager can also provide support with ACC and third party providers as required.

As a nationwide provider Habit Health can ensure a seamless and consistent approach to early intervention across your business.