General Well-Being Assessments

Well-Being assessments aim to help and assist employees to maintain optimum health. They also allow individuals an opportunity to discuss any known health issues on a confidential basis with a nurse.

In the long-term, these health ‘issues’ will result in staff taking time off work. The provision of Well-Being assessments enables employees to discuss and decide on sensible lifestyle changes through health promotion, education and advice.

Our Well-Being assessments comprise of: Height, Weight, BMI, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure checks and a Complete Cardiovascular risk questionnaire. They have been developed from the National Heart Foundation Guidelines.

The individual results of each employee are kept confidential however following the completion of the assessments, employers will be provided with a summary report comparing the company results with national averages. This report provides companies with an overview of the general wellbeing of their workforce. Our nurses will refer employees with identified health issues to their medical practitioner for further assessment.