Hazard-Based Health Assessments

Health monitoring is a way to check if the health of workers is being harmed from exposure to hazards while carrying out work and aims to detect early signs of ill-health or disease.

Habit Health works with companies across a wide range of industries to provide annual health checks tailored to the company's specific hazards. Our annual health checks and their accompanying reports meet Health & Safety in the Workplace regulations.

Standard assessments include lung, vision, hearing, musculoskeletal, fatigue and cardiovascular risk however we have a wide range of assessments we can add depending on your workplace hazard profiles.  We can provide advice on the types of assessments you may require for your staff and the hazards in your workplace.

Our processes and purpose-built software solution allow us to take care of the logistics of nationwide services including annual recalls.  All health issues will be managed and any safety critical issues which require immediate action to ensure the safety of the individual will be reported to the appropriate person within your company immediately.

Services can be provided in one of our nationwide office locations or at client sites – we aim to provide services in a way which results in the lowest possible impact on your workflow.

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