Biological Monitoring – Environmental Effect & Exposure

If you have staff who are routinely working with biological hazards or chemicals and solvents, Biological Monitoring is and must be an essential part of your Occupational Health Screening programme.

There are many hazardous substances which can affect the wellbeing of an employee’s health – particularly affecting neurological function, kidney function, liver function and cardiac function and it is important to monitor organ function to detect any changes which may be related to environmental exposure

Depending on the hazard exposure profile we may also recommend questionnaires on Solvent Exposure, lung function tests and sometimes visual checks for signs of skin irritation or reactions to give a more comprehensive assessment profile

If you have employees who are exposed to biological hazards such as wastewater or bodily fluids, we complete screening blood tests and make recommendations on required vaccinations. Common vaccinations include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Tetanus, and Poliomyelitis.

For employees exposed to substances such as Benzene, pesticides, lead, rat poison or other chemicals in their day to day work we can advise on and complete the appropriate blood tests to check for any adverse health reactions to the chemical/solvent exposure.

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