Asbestos Exposure Health Monitoring

Worksafe have very clear and concise requirements for the health monitoring of employees who are or could be exposed to Asbestos in the course of their work. These regulations were updated in October 2018 – to see up to date information on your responsibilities as an employer visit this website.

Habit Health currently provide occupational health services and assessments to a number of clients who regularly work with or remove Asbestos. This enables us to have a thorough understanding of the Asbestos regulations. Habit Health can assist you by not only completing the health checks and providing reports which meet Worksafe requirements, but also by maintaining an Asbestos Register to manage the ongoing monitoring required for your employees.

The current regulations for health monitoring are as follows:

A physical examination

  • This should emphasise the respiratory system, and include a lung function test (FEV1 and FVC).
  • The worker’s demographic, medical and occupational history.

Records of the worker’s personal exposure to asbestos

  • An asbestos medical should be performed every 2 years from when work with asbestos commences (regardless of when the worker started with the current employer).

A chest X-Ray is no longer required as part of the asbestos medical however you may want to consider completing this at pre-employment and at exit for baseline records.

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