Healthy at Work: Well-being for your business

Get your team moving! They’ll build skills for life-long health and feel more comfortable, alert and engaged at work. 

Investing in your team's well-being leads to increased productivity, improved performance and employee satisfaction while reducing stress and absenteeism costs from injury or illness. Regular exercise for your team can enhance creativity, improve concentration and sharpen memory.  

Tailored for your business 

We customise the programme to suit your business's unique needs and can cater to different abilities and fitness levels. Whether your team is reasonably active and looking for that extra challenge or mostly sedentary, preferring simpler movement to reduces stress, we can work with you to create a package that works for your business. 

What does a typical programme look like? 

  • Functional Movement Screening onsite workshops  
  • Twice weekly group fitness classes, e.g. HIIT, yoga or Pilates  
  • 15% off gym membership + zero joining fee 
  • Complimentary Baseline assessment and personal training upon gym membership sign-up 
  • 10% off physiotherapy services  
  • Fitness OnDemand classes from your phone or computer 

Programme Types 

Start by choosing one of the programmes below. We’ll make adjustments as needed to ensure that everyone can take part and work towards a rewarding goal. 

Restore and relieve stress:  

This option includes two classes per week of either yoga or Pilates. It’s perfect for teams in high-stress environments looking to calm the mind, restore range of motion and reduce tightness brought on by a sedentary lifestyle. These low-impact movements help to develop body-awareness and improve mobility and flexibility. After completing this course, your team will feel refreshed and restored.  

Build endurance and strength: 

This option includes two boot-camp style classes per week. These classes feature high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and is great for teams who are already active and want an added challenge. Our high-intensity workouts build strength, endurance and agility using functional movement and multi-joint exercises. Your teams will feel more focused, energised and stronger after the completion of this course.  

Improve mobility and strength:  

This option includes two classes per week of HIIT – high intensity interval training – and yoga. This programme provides the best of both worlds – restorative and strength-building workouts. Teams looking to relieve stress while building strength and agility will enjoy this option. 


Packages range from $1,600 + gst, depending on your team’s size and participation. We can tailor this package depending on your team’s specific needs and lifestyles. Contact us to discuss package options in person.  

Find a location near you 

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After completing our corporate wellness programme, your employees should feel empowered, focused and mentally energised, ready to tackle the next project