Who We Are

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Our purpose

We support people in their communities to optimise health and live their best lives.

People are at the heart of what we do. It’s their stories that drive us. We don’t “treat patients;” rather, we support people as they navigate their individual health journey.

Altogether Better Health for your best life

Health is a way of life.
We want to make it better.
Habit Health: A united vision for health

A united vision for health

Habit Health brings together healthcare providers from complementary disciplines. We've integrated rehabilitation services from Habit Rehabilitation, Southern Rehab, Shore Physio, QRS, and PRG. Occupational health providers include OK Health, Nelson Nursing and Work Recovery and counselling services from EAP. Habit Health + Fitness Clubs brings us full-circle, offering a holistic approach to personal fitness, for life-long health.

Our Values

Habit Health: Sustainability


Our passion for people and altogether better health extends to a passion for future generations. We want to ensure that that they live on a planet that allows them to live their best lives too. This realisation draws on another core value for us, whereby as an organisation, we need to make sure that we are leading the way.

We’ve already started taking some small steps, like upgrading some of our vehicle fleet to electric-hybrid, but we know we still have a long way to go. We’re excited to be introducing a sustainability platform where team members can contribute ideas, take part in existing programmes and find resources.

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Habit Health: Ngā Kaihāpai – Māori Health Team

Ngā Kaihāpai – Māori Health Team

Habit Health is committed to improving equity in healthcare. As a provider of holistic health, we know that people are different – and those differences can come from a million different places. In New Zealand, we recognise the value to our clients in adapting a service to them. We do this for clients every day. Ngā Kaihāpai is our Māori for Māori Health Team, established to provide altogether better health for Māori.

Habit Health: About Our Brand

About Our Brand

Habit Health thoughtfully weaves our collective past into something strong enough to face the challenges of the future. Founded here in Aotearoa, many elements, from our pacific blues and greens to the folds in the Habit Health Care Plus Device® are inspired from New Zealand and Moana and our native Māori and Pasifika cultures.