Workplace drug testing

27 Dec 2022

If your workplace requires your people to be drug tested, using an internationally accredited drug tester will give you that extra assurance.
All you need to know: internationally accredited workplace drug testing 

Workplace drug testing, through urine testing, helps keep those that work in hazardous industries safe from harm in the workplace, so they get home safely each day. 

At Habit Health, we’ve got the International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) stamp of approval for workplace drug testing, a practice used commonly in industries where employees carry-out hazardous work, ensuring they’re fit for work. The accreditation is aligned with the New Zealand and Australian drug standards. 

What does this accreditation mean for Habit and the workplaces that use the service?

For Habit Health, it means that each and every nurse that carries out drug testing is accredited by IANZ, and that robust quality control procedures are in place every time we do a workplace drug test. It provides peace of mind that we’re doing our tests to the highest possible standard.

For clients that use our service, it means they can be assured that Habit’s processes are trusted, safe, accurate and that we’re helping to keep their people safe at work.

What type of industries use workplace drug testing? 

Industries where employees are around, or operate machinery or drive for their jobs such as in construction, forestry, primary industries and in factory environments - for example.

What kinds of processes are followed when testing?

There are standardised facilities in each clinic where workplace drug testing takes place, and all clinics are accredited as suitable for drug testing. Other parts of the process are standardised too, this includes things like how long to wait before ‘reading’ a test, checking a person before they take their test and waiting while a urine sample is provided. It’s our job to ensure that the samples are accurate and collected under strict procedures.

Why do organisations drug test staff?

For businesses where staff operate heavy machinery, it’s hugely important that a range of health and safety measures are in place. This helps make sure the individual is safe, and also not a hazard to others in the workplace, the public, and the environment around them.

When are these tests done?

We carry out these tests during different parts of the employment cycle. We do testing prior to employment, random testing and post incident testing - say if an employee is behaving strangely or if drugs or alcohol are found on them at work.

What happens if a test comes back unconfirmed?

When we do drug testing, a result can either come back as negative or unconfirmed. If a test result comes back as ‘unconfirmed’ we send this to the lab for more testing. If a test is confirmed to contain drugs, we have rehabilitation programmes that employees can go through where appropriate.

If your workplace is interested in working with our accredited team to help keep your biggest asset, your people safe at work – get in touch at